This is my new place on the Web.

I've been getting increasingly miffed with the continual spam attacks on my old site (which ran on a combination of WordPress and MediaWiki) so hacked together a new CMS to run the site on. I took advantage of the rework time to come up with this new design too...

I used to run several sites, different ones for each of my various interests, but have now combined them all here. If you are looking for my various Python notes, photography or music, it is all here!

This site is pretty much guaranteed to be always Under Construction so don't be too surprised if random stuff breaks.

I've had a couple of negative comments about the legibility of the navigation text (dark colours on dark backgrounds aren't particularly good for accessibility!), particularly on Windows browsers. I'll try some updates over the next few days and see if that improves things.

Latest News

  1. New addition to the family!


    Welcome to baby Misty


  2. Back to the office


    Three weeks (and two days) after Misty was born and I have to come back to work. Bah!


  3. Our second one is here!


    Welcome to baby Magenta!